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An 11 month Fully outsource SEO agency made $11477 in revenue and $11581 net profit


Describe your business is a 11 month Fully outsource seo, Built from scratch in October 2019, The site make money from Selling an outsourced services which is : Soloads , Backlinks , Email Services. the site has generated a total revenue of $14477 and total net profit of $11581 since it was founded, The website showing a huge increasing in traffic and sales in the last 3 months becuase it became well-known in the solo ads market and its ranking on the top pages , for the new owner we will provide all the contact for our service proivder The cost for the services is 20% of price so we make 80% profit .

This site is a great opportunity for first time buyers looking for an already established business that’s making a sustainable monthly passive income on autopilot.

Why are you selling the business?

i want to invest the time and the money in my start-up company

What is included in the sale?

Free install & setup (optional) Fully Responsive & Support for Mobile Viewing SEO Friendly Website Professional looking, Clean and Elegant design Wordpress website showing monthly profit growth No Maintenance Needed The domain name registered on Namecheap 1 Year free hosting (optional) Ownership of all of the site files, including images, textual content, and featured image templates 3 months of support to get you on your feet A 2 year ‘non-compete’ agreement

What is the technological stack?

built in Wordpress

What actions are required to keep the business working?

forward the orders to our supplier and keep good customer service

How does your business make money?

selling seo services and email marketing services

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

email marketing, paid ads, high quality backlink

How can the future owner improve this business?

run ads , do more email marketing , add extra services


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Business Start Date

April 2019

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