A GDPR compliance checker. Get a full report on your duties and obligations under EU privacy rules


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Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence system determines which provisions of the GDPR apply to your case and then offers you our personalized report with a description of your duties and obligations. Based on your personalized report, you can then get assistance through our network of legal and technical experts. Thanks to the information contained in the report, you know exactly what you really need to know, so you do not pay for superfluous opinions.

Why are you selling the business?

I have bootstrapped the software as a research project, but I do not have enough time to develop the business

What is included in the sale?

  • front-end app: which includes
    • landing
    • questionnaire
    • report viewer
    • private area
  • back-end app: users management and conditional AI system that interprets what ruels and provisions of the GDPR should be appllied to each case
  • MySQL database with:
    • full GDPR categorized by rules and provisions and related duties and obligations
  • admin app: to manage users and the questionnaire. Supports creating new questionnaires or editing existing one

What is the technological stack?

  • Front-ent and admin app:
    • TypeScript + Angular 7 + Angular Material
  • Back-end:
    • vanilla PHP
    • Hosting: Google Cloud Platform with Google App Engine (standard environment) and micro MySWL instance

What actions are required to keep the business working?

Marketing and business relations to develop consultancy services/due diligences

How does your business make money?

Currently the business does not generate revenues. Revenues can be generated via consultancies, or referrals to consultants. The features to support consultancy requests are already implemented in the front-end app (not online).

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?


How can the future owner improve this business?

PRovide tools to manage privacy-related assets (e.g. compliance registers, due diligences, etc.)

Facts & Figures

Business Start Date

May 2018

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